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Traveller to Bagan will not have to worry about not having interesting places to visit.But the only problems is that they may encounte to decide on which destination to go first. An area of 42 square kilometres on a vast plain on the eastern side of the Ayeyarwaddy River, about 5000 temples, Pagodas and ruins are scattered.Over Bagan is home to many archaeological sites as the capital of the first Myamar Empires.When Myanmar was rules as a Kingdom , the history of Bagan dates back almost 2000 years to a time. Apart from its rich Buddhist heritage and spetacular sunset views. Bagan has an archaeological museum and is also the centre of a thriving lacquer ware industry visitors to Bagan can enjoy serene river cruise, hot-air balloon rides over its wondrous temple-studded plan, bicycle and horse court rides, and horse riding.